SWEDISH or Classic Massage

Do you want Classic Relax you Body and soften the tense muscles of your body? 

  • Relaxation. Swedish Massage both calms the nervous system and relaxes muscular tension.
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Improve Posture
  • Improve Sleep
  • Relieve Headaches.
  • Improve Blood Circulation

The significant benefits of Swedish Massage make it clear that a regular massage regimen is more than a luxury, but indeed an important ingredient in the cultivation of physical and emotional well-being.

50,00 € /60min
75,00 € /90min

DEEP Tissue & TRIGGER Point Technique

A Technique that Successfully Relieves DEEP muscle knots in the body. Helps relive tight neck, stiff shoulders and back pain.

 It is an extremely effective method for relaxing chronically affected parts of the body due to overload or physical trauma. (physical activities, work and sports).

The goal of trigger point therapy is to relax or soften the muscle node, thus reducing / eliminating pain and large nodules and making the body much more flexible.

With the right technique, you can immediately experience immediate relief after just one trigger point massage.

55,00 € /60min
80€ /90min

Includes Eco Essential Oil’s

BODY Balance MASSAGE: Back Massage & Reflexology

RELIEVES tense muscles and knots of the back and finally experience a pleasant FOOT massage for tired feet.


It is an extremely effective method for relaxing chronically affected parts of the body due to overload or physical trauma. (physical activities, work and sports).  


Reflexology is an energy massage based on the realization that each part of the body responds to a specific point on the feet and that by pressing on these reflex points, the whole body can relax and balance. 

60,00 €
(45min Back + 25min Reflexology)

Holistic ZEN Therapy

REST Your Body & CALM Your Mind

The definition of ZEN is for feeling PEACEFUL and RELAXED.

Zen Holistic Therapy is rejuvenating for the body: 

  • reducing muscle tension
  • improving blood circulation 
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system 
  • improved flexibility 

Zen Holistic Therapy have incredible power over your mental health: 

  • stress relief, feeling calmer and less anxious, 
  • increase of “happy” hormones in your body, 
  • improving sleep 

Combined with aromatherapy oils such as lavender oil and sandalwood oil, which are known for their soothing properties, massage can be a deeply soothing and calming experience.

60,00 € /70min

Includes Eco Essential Oil’s

MASSAGE & BODY CARE with Coconut oil + Essential oil’s

Massage and Body Care all in one. Extra virgin coconut oil + eco essential oils).

Excessive heat during summer will dry up all the natural oil from your body. In order to keep your skin soft and good looking using coconut oil is one of the best remedies to try out this summer season.

Coconut oil stimulate blood circulation, bring more oxygen to our tissue and revitalise our muscles.

A massage with coconut oil helps to soothe and relax muscles within our body, making it a great choice if you are feeling tired or sore from physical activity.

Its antibacterial properties can also help to treat a variety of skin infections and aid the skin in getting rid of harmful bacteria.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E ,Vitamin E helps to keep your skin rejuvenated, healthy and glowing.

It’s an amazing way to treat your skin and muscles at the same time.

Mixed with aromatic essential oils like lavender, rosemary and geranium will take you away.

60,00 € /70min

Includes Eco Essential Oil’s

CRANEO Facial Relax & Reflexology Feet

Treat Yourself with this Amazing Combination of Detox, Relax and Reborn Therapy

  • Reflexotherapy is an energetic massage based on the knowledge that each part of the body responds to a specific point on the feet and that pressing these reflex points can relax and balance the entire body.
  • HEAD Massage is designed to improve the Energy flow by massaging the head, neck, shoulders, upper body, and FACE.
    Here’s why you should take HEAD massage sessions more often
  • DETOXIFIES the body by STIMULATING lymphatic drainage.
  • RELIEF from Migraine.
  • BOOSTS MEMORY capabilities
  • Slows down HEART rate, and REDUCES blood pressure
  • HELPS with EMOTIONAL Stress

The results include lasting relaxation and calm mind throughout the day. In addition to reducing stress, the massage can reduce pain, increase energy levels and improve overall physical and mental performance.

50,00 €
(25min Craneo + 25min Foot)

REIKI Crystal’s Chacras Massage & Therapy

This type of Therapy relieves stress, eliminates pain, destroys and relaxes old energy blocks, strengthens the immune system.

This special Massage combines the positive effects of massage on the one hand and the deep energy effects of crystal’s on the other.

In this way, many problems are alleviated effectively, since we simultaneously affect both levels (physical and energy), we act on the causes or possible blockages and restore balance.

REIKI is a type of ENERGY Healing.

75,00 €

(55min Massage + 20min REIKI)

HOT STONES Massage + Aromatherapy

HOT STONES MASSAGE in combination with Aromatherapy has been proven to eliminate Physical and Emotional Blockages. 

  • Relaxes muscles 
  • Softens hard tissues, 
  • Promotes circulation and  accelerates the excretion of waste products from the body 
  • Relieves Tension, Balances body, mind and spirit, regulates Energy and deeply soothes. 

75,00 € /80min

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Crystal therapy is a complementary branch of medicine that uses the vibrational properties of individual crystals to help our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Crystals

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Based on 129 reviews
Renata Alba Camilo
Renata Alba Camilo
Muy profesional y súper relajante, fue mi primer masaje y Sandra me hizo sentir perfectamente cómoda. Definitivamente volvería donde ella.
Holly Murray
Holly Murray
Excellent service. I had the craneo facial therapy and a reflexology treatment with Sandra. So relaxing. I would definitely recommend Sandra to anyone.
Alex Baker
Alex Baker
I was gifted a massage with Sandra as a birthday present. I am not normally into massages, however Sandra was completely professional and really lovely, and immediately I felt at ease. It was a wonderful ambience and the deep tissue massage felt fabulous. I left feeling about ten years younger! Highly recommended!
Azia Mery
Azia Mery
Sandra was very attentive and asked about my lifestyle/what I needed to find the best massage suited for me! She was very kind, friendly and will be going back again! Loved it here!
Simon Novak
Simon Novak
I had a deep tissue massage 60min with Sun Massage Valencia. It was really extraordinary experience. I felt very taken care of. I have gotten lots of massages over the years, I appreciate a knowledgeable deep tissue massage, and a clean, professional setting. Sandra provided both. She gave me one of the best massages I can remember having for a very reasonable rate. She managed to do deep tissue without any pain. I left feeling great. Sandra speaks fluent English, also. As an added bonus, by patronizing this business you are supporting an individually owned small business. Highly recommend!
Great massage! Sandra knows exactly where the knots are and I feel reborn again. I had a 60 min massage, but 90 min would have been great also. I would recommend Sandra to anyone.
Sean McHale
Sean McHale
Sandra is an excellent masseuse and incredibly professional. Her clinic is perfect and very relaxing. She's easy to contact, responsive and courteous. I have been seeing Sandra for the deep tissue/sports massage and she has really helped with my various injuries and generally having me prepared for different sporting events. Thanks Sandra.
Alexis McGowan
Alexis McGowan
One of the best massages I’ve ever received!! 10/10 recommend please give her a try if you’re in Valencia!!
Paul Corning
Paul Corning
Fantastic massage! Warm and relaxing room, serene and peaceful. Sandra is clearly quite experienced and capable. I had a swedish body massage and she relaxed all my tight muscles and took away some aches. I would HIGHLY recommend you use Sandra for a Valencia massage.
Daniel Buwalda
Daniel Buwalda
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a deep-tissue massage with Sandra and I have to say, it was one of the best massages I've ever had. From the moment we arrived, Sandra made my girlfriend and I feel completely at ease and relaxed. Her level of English (and Spanish,) is exceptional - a real bonus. The massage itself was absolutely incredible. Sandra has a true talent for finding and relieving all of the tension and knots in our muscles. She worked tirelessly to make sure we were both completely relaxed and rejuvenated. It was a good reminder to regularly go for more massages. In addition to her technical skills, Sandra has a warm and caring personality that really adds to the overall experience. She is truly a master at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a massage. She approaches your body in a holistic way; meaning she will not leave a pressure point unattended, while covering all your issues. Lastly, Sandra is great to talk with; she is genuinely interested in you. You can feel it. Overall, my girlfriend and I had an absolutely amazing experience with Sandra and we will definitely be returning for more massages in the future. Booking a great massage for a fair price goes easily via whatsapp - also very handy. She truly deserves a 5-star rating and we couldn't be more satisfied with the level of care and attention she provided.


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