Why do I recommend you try my holistic deep relax whole body massage?

  • Because it is a great technique when we are exposed to stress every day / a lot of work / and not enough rest,
  • Because in this massage we want to achieve the relaxation of your Body & Mind & Soul,
  • Because I provide a good atmosphere of the room with natural candles and organic essential oils and meditative music that takes you away, ..
  • Because I perform a massage with long and deep grips that really relax the whole body,
  • I use a mixture of warm almond oil with essential oils such as lavender and rosemary, which invigorates the body and relaxes at the same time,
  • Massage lasts 70 minutes, without conversation and with relax music
  • Because I also use the energy of Reiki, which especially drives stress away,
  • After the massage, drinking plenty of water and rest is recommended – only in this way can the body & mind & soul prepare for the absorption of the regeneration of relaxation and self-healing.


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