Swedish massage is a classic full-body massage that has a beneficial effect on the whole body by:

  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Increase blood flow throughout the body
  • Enhances mental and physical health
  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce depression
  • Strengthen mental health
  • Strengthens immune resistance and help reduce body aches and more.

The effect of classic massage is first most visible on the skin.

Improved metabolism and skin respiration are achieved primarily mechanically by removing secretions of the sebaceous and sweat glands, as well as by removing superficial, dead pink layers and scales. Massage also softens the subcutaneous cells and thus reduces the possibility of adhesion of the skin to the base. Excessive accumulation of fluid and fat, various cavities and nodal changes, or even scars, can be significantly reduced with proper massage.


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