HOLISTIC Massage with natural essential oil’s

Holistic massage with essential oils: how to energize the body. It is a practice that works on all levels of the human body: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Holistic massage works on all levels.

On a physical level, it relaxes and strengthens muscles; accelerates venous blood flow, increases hemoglobin levels, stretches the connective tissue of the joints. Holistic massage also affects the meridians and energy centers or chakras of the “subtle body”.

The emotional side of massage is extremely important. On a mental level, massage not only relieves stress and tension, but also helps to make the person aware of his body as a whole, the parts of the body with which he is in contact, and those that seem “cut off”.

A careful massage can also release a significant amount of energy, which is otherwise expended due to the tension in the daily established habits of behavior and response.

On a spiritual level, the effects of massage are difficult to describe, as we are talking about something that is concretely physically indefinable – the essence – the life force – the energy of Qi, the whole.


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